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"What Are The Odds?" By Mike Lindell Is An Amazing Read

"What Are The Odds?" Offers Hope

As if manufacturing the world's best pillow to make our lives better isn't enough, Mike Lindell goes the extra mile to pen a book to encourage all readers that no matter how far you've sunk, you can turn your life around.

Mike's story focuses on the self-destructing aspects of addiction, but if you've ever made big mistakes you regret or wonder if you've missed your chance at a better life, you will be inspired by Mike's personal account.

Mike Lindell's book is a wildly interesting story.

When a fisherman catches a large fish, its size gets bigger every time he tells the story.  Mike is a masterful storyteller, so when he shares his personal experiences, you wonder how so many bad things could happen to one person and he still be alive to tell about it.

Mike's parents divorced when he was a young boy, and the painful impact of that significant life event affected him more than he realized.  He developed a gambling addiction which caused him to both win and lose substantial amounts of money for decades.  He was a bar owner who made sure his patrons had a good time by pulling some wild and crazy stunts.  He had run-ins with bookies and drug dealers and dangerous brushes with death.  He was in multiple freak accidents and walked away unharmed.  People around him who were supposed to be business allies tried to steal MyPillow, and he had to fight to keep his company alive and in his control.  Eventually, his cocaine abuse progressed to crack addiction, and he lost his home, his wife, his family, and even spent time in jail.  Mike reached a point in his life where he couldn't go any lower unless it was six feet under.  

Sometimes, Mike's stories sound like embellished, tall tales, much like a fisherman, but they aren't.  How can one person experience so many blows and turn out a successful millionaire and CEO of his own company?  Mike himself often wondered, "What are the odds?"    
Divine Intervention is available to everyone who wants it.

"What Are The Odds?" Is A Story About Faith

Even though Mike wasn't a Christian to start, God would give him dreams, visions, and prophetic words, even though he didn't realize at the time what these things were or what to do with them.  Mike sprinkles many of these fascinating God encounters throughout the book.

Sometimes, we wrongly assume God only talks to people we deem the most spiritual.  God wants to talk to YOU.  Why?  Because God loves you, He wants a relationship with you, He handcrafted a specific calling for your life, and He wants to help you walk in the destiny for which He created you.  No one is here by chance--your life has a purpose.  No one knows you better than your Creator, and He's the only one who can save you when you've slipped off course.

As you read Mike's story, you see how God relentlessly pursued him like the Good Shepherd.  God spoke through many people, including Mike, to let him know He had something "important" for Mike to do that involved a "platform."  As Mike began turning away from his self-harming addictions and reaching out to God, he found the inner strength and the faith to stop gambling and doing drugs--even though drugs was something that had consumed him 24/7 for decades.  With God, nothing is impossible!

God is using Mike to accomplish His purposes because Mike is willing.  Are you?

Eventually, Mike realized he believed in God and knew a lot about Him, but he had still never handed Jesus the steering wheel to his life.  At a special retreat, Mike finally surrendered his life to God, and it was like a movie of his life replayed in his mind's eye--he saw Jesus had been with him through it all.  

Mike learned there are "core memories," or primary points of pain, in a person's life that are like spiderwebs shooting poison silk into every area of life.  Once broken areas are recognized and acknowledged, healing can take place, and Jesus is the Healer.

"What Are The Odds?" Shares How MyPillow Was Born & How It Grew

It's hard to watch television and not come across one of Mike's MyPillow ads--they are lengthy, but charming and endearing.  Mike seems like a sweet teddy bear, though one author suggests he's constitutes the new sexy bad boy (read why).   Getting MyPillow off the ground, however, posed a host of challenges, so hearing an entrepreneur describe the trials of jumpstarting the successful company we know and love is very interesting.

"What Are The Odds?" Documents Mike's Journey From A Crack House To The White House

For much of his life, Mike was terrified to speak publicly.  Now, he's spoken at college convocations, rallies, Christian programming, and even hosted his own documentary on election fraud.  He's rubbed elbows with President Trump, Ben Carson, and so many other important figures.

Mike's words are motivating because they come from his heart.

Mike remains a humble man with a generous heart who wants to help others by sharing the grace and mercy of Jesus.  God's redeeming power is available to anyone who wants to turn their lives around and achieve their dreams.  Mike established the Lindell Recovery Network to help addicts who want to break free from their destructive habits and lifestyles, and Mike's own life is a testimony that it can happen.

When you have Jesus, the impossible always become possible.  

Mike Reveals All The Skeletons In His Closet Himself

Many have wondered if Mike will run for governor in his home state of Minnesota.  He has toyed with the idea, but has said he wouldn't run for dog catcher until the voter fraud is sorted out.

The political Left in our country hates Mike because he's a conservative, so they have already coordinated a hit job on him by pressuring corporations to drop his MyPillow from their stores.  No worries.  Patriots have his back and keep ordering enough to compensate for his lost revenue stream.  

Should Mike actually run for office, he has taken the wind out of the sails of anyone assigned to do opposition research on him.  There are no skeletons to find and scandalize because Mike lays out all his many sins in What Are The Odds?   He's done bad things, but he admits them, he's repented, and he's a different man now.  His life bears the fruit of his transformation.  If God be for him, who can be against him?

Mike Lindell does not fear the media, nor does he bow the knee to avoid cancellation.

Mike Lindell Deserves Your Support

If you know someone who suffers from addiction and has lost hope, What Are The Odds? would make an inspiring gift.  For those of us who've never tried drugs, the book is a real eye opener to help us get inside an addict's mind to better understand their struggle.  

Does MyPillow really give you the best sleep of your life?  Read here for a product review.  

What Are The Odds? could be a TV movie.  Even brilliant works of fiction pale in comparison to the action and drama in Mike's book.  It is a must-read, so be sure to snag your copy today.  

God spared Mike Lindell for a reason.  We will continue to watch the story and the purpose unfold.

Mike feels like part of the family after you've seen his commercials for a while.

Friday, March 5, 2021

"Notting Hill in the Snow" by Jules Wake is a Must-Read for Hallmark Fans

If you are a Hallmark movie fan and love to watch Christmas romances any season of the year, you will love Notting Hill in the Snow by Jules Wake, which was released in October of 2020.

Viola Smith, ironically, plays the viola in the London Metropolitan Opera Company, and she is passionate about her career.  Her family, on the other hand, doesn't appreciate Viola's musical accomplishments or view her job seriously.  As a result, they often take advantage of Viola, and she has a hard time saying no.  Since Viola recently experienced a hurtful break-up, her family assumes she has plenty of time on her hands to cater to their every need.

Viola's opera company volunteers her to help with a local school's annual nativity play, and she feels overwhelmed.  Since it's a prestigious school, demanding parents have high expectations.  The governor of the school, Nate Williams, offers to assist her, especially since his young daughter, Grace, is playing the part of Mary, but eventually, his work as a lawyer distracts him from being much help.  

Nate and Viola experience an instant attraction they initially try to deny.  However, their main focus is on Grace, who has suffered too much emotional upheaval over the past year.  Her mom, Elaine, left a year ago to live in New York to follow a career that consumes her.  Grace tries to act too grown up for her age and thinks if she's good enough, maybe her mom will come home.

Nate knows it's over with Elaine, but they are technically still married.

When Nate's nanny leaves unexpectedly, Nate is in a terrible bind.  He has no one to help with Grace, and his search for a nanny doesn't unearth any viable prospects.  Viola steps in to help.  She sees a lot of her younger self in Grace, and she wants to be a steady and positive influence in Grace's life.  

Viola develops a very close and loving relationship with Grace that is very sweet and independent of her growing feelings for Nate.  

Nate loves coming home to find Viola there caring for his daughter, and before long, they almost seem like a family.  They cook and shop together, build a snowman, put up a Christmas tree, drink hot cocoa, and do all the types of things Hallmark Christmas fans adore. When Nate sees how much Viola has helped Grace, he realizes he's finally ready for love.

Then Elaine comes home.

This novel is classified as a "sweet romance," and it is, but it's more PG rated instead of the G Hallmark rating. It's well-researched, and the character development is so good you feel like you know these people personally by the end.  You might even imagine which Hallmark leads would play Viola and Nate and see them in your mind as you read.

It's the perfect book to snuggle up with when you want to get lost in the snow and the warm glow of Christmas, no matter what time of the year it might be.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

"The Paradigm" by Jonathan Cahn Is a Must-Read for the Times We're Facing

An Ancient Blueprint for Modern Times

The Paradigm was published in 2017, but it may possibly be more relevant now that when it was released.

Jonathan Cahn unlocks a mystery linking the fall of ancient Israel to the growing apostasy in America.  

It all started with King Ahab and Jezebel.  Jezebel was a Phoenician woman who likely married Ahab for political purposes to forge an alliance between Israel and Phoenicia.  Into Israel Jezebel brought pagan worship, namely of Baal, and her religion was rampant with sensuality and child sacrifice.  She sought to replace Israel's God with her own, so she wickedly opposed God's people who were standing in her way.

What Israel once rejected and shunned, as outlined in the scriptures, they eventually embraced.  

Similarly, America, a nation founded on Christianity, would encounter the same shift as ancient Israel.  Culture wars have made advances in supplanting our biblical morality with a new morality, and because the growing apostasy is becoming state-sponsored, immorality is becoming the law of the land. 

The most amazing aspect of this story is to see timelines and behaviors from the ancient template align perfectly with a modern equivalent.  Cahn outlines in great detail how Bill and Hillary Clinton are an exact match to Ahab and Jezebel, how Obama parallels the biblical heir (Joram), and how God used an imperfect man like Trump to be the warrior, like Jehu, who slows our nation's descent into apostasy.

Movement Towards Persecution

Based on the biblical prototype, Cahn explains how Christianity, which once defined our nation, will move from being revered, to tolerated, to marginalized, vilified, criminalized, and ultimately persecuted.

Hillary Clinton admitted her goal when she said in a speech that "deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs, and structural biases have to be changed."  In other words, say good-bye to freedom of religion under a progressive banner.

The book does not deliver much of an optimistic forecast for Christianity in America, but before the apostasy is sealed and our nation progresses towards judgment and destruction, God could grant us a reprieve if we would repent of our sins, turn from our wicked ways, and return to Him.

Anti-Biblical Shift in the Culture

During the biblical reign of King David, the ways of God represented the ruling principle in the nation's culture.  Cahn explains, "Biblical faith was society's reigning worldview, and biblical morality represented its prevailing code of ethics."

As the shift to an anti-biblical culture happens, faith becomes countercultural, radical, and revolutionary.  People come to see evil as good and good as evil, just at scriptures foretell.

Sadly, when immorality becomes a culture's ruling principle, many of God's people will be tempted to soften their stands on biblical issues.  They will feel the pressure from society and compromise with the darkness.

Be an Elijah

Elijah prophesied against Ahab and Jezebel after they murdered Naboth to possess his vineyard.  Even though the prophet was dubbed the "troubler of Israel" for not bowing to Baal, Elijah refused to be intimidated.  Cahn describes Elijah as one who would "stand unyielding, uncompromised, and unashamed for the ways of God."

We are no longer in the David stage--where church and culture were in sync.  Western civilization has spiraled to the Ahab stage.  As a result, God's people must move to the Elijah stage.  

Elijah stayed faithful to the Lord's ways, even as the nation changed for the worse.  So, too, in our post-Christian or anti-Christian culture, we must refuse to go along with the apostasy and hold true to the Word of God.  As we do, we become the Elijahs of our age.  It's how we can be light in the darkness.

The key to standing strong in the faith is to be more dependent on God and more independent of the surrounding culture.  We can achieve that by staying plugged into God through His Word, prayer, and worship.  We must not be silent.  It may appear like we're on the losing side, but Cahn advises we must be "all the more stubborn in faith, all the more bold in truth, and all the more confident of victory."

America at a Crossroads

America hangs in the balance between God and Baal.  Revival can only come through repentance, and repentance is a decision we must all make.

My Thoughts on The Paradigm

If you prefer Joel Osteen-esque feel good fluff, this book might shock your system.  It's simultaneously mesmerizing and tough to read.

We know the end of the story--God wins.  Many of us, however, don't want to think about what harsh realities we might face before victory.

The disciples of Jesus and the apostles died horrible deaths and suffered endless persecution, yet we have somehow convinced ourselves the Christian life should be a walk in the park.  In Western civilization, we've gotten comfortable and complacent, and in so doing, we haven't stood up for truth when we should have and fought for our values.  It's costing us.  Our culture is devolving, and it's grievous to watch.

Yet, we don't have to be silent bystanders.  We can take a stand.  We can refuse to compromise our biblical principles.  We can vote for righteous leaders in politics and demand free and fair elections.  We can insist our kids not be indoctrinated in wrong ideologies at school.  We can refuse to support groups and sports teams that dishonor God and our flag.  We can assert that there are only two genders and that marriage can only occur between a man and woman.  It's time believers find their voices and stop waiting for someone else to lead.  You can speak the truth of God's ways with boldness out of love for the lost rather than from the harshness of judgment.  

As yet, it's not too late for our nation to repent and return to God so He can heal our land, but we must be people of action.  We can show the love of Christ to the world, even when the culture labels us with an "ism" of some sort to silence us.   We can still be salt and light to get America back on track for the last, great harvest of souls.  
I encourage you to read this book.  The past gives us insight so we can avoid making the same mistakes, but time is of the essence.  Our window of opportunity is closing.     

More Books by Jonathan Cahn

Jonathan Cahn is a powerful and prophetic voice in our time, and he teaches the deep revelations of scripture to help us grow in our faith.  

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What Is Your Warrior Cat Name? Plus, Vote for Your Favorite Erin Hunter Series!

Who Is Erin Hunter?

Erin Hunter is a prolific writer and storyteller who cranks out volumes of books about animals.  Erin incorporates her love of nature into these fantasy novels by spinning mythical explanations regarding animals and their behavior.

Her Seekers series explores bears; her Survivors series spotlights dogs; Warriors is for cat lovers; and her Bravelands saga is a little wilder with stories about animals in the African savannah.

How can she devise so many engaging plots without the creative well ever running dry?  It helps that Erin Hunter isn't one person, but an identity for a collective team of seven writers who take turns authoring the stories.  I'm not kitten-you!

Which Erin Hunter Series Is Your Favorite?

Hunter's Warriors series is the most popular, but do you think it's worthy of being top dog (or cat, in this case)?

Paws for a moment and vote below for your favorite Erin Hunter collection.

find bike trails

Are Erin Hunter Books Just for Kids?

All of Hunter's books are categorized as juvenile fantasy for grades 3-7 and ages 8-12, so kids and tweeners are the most popular audience; however, adults who are still kids at heart can enjoy them too.

Warriors books line our tweener's shelves.  We have a difficult time getting her to read anything else!  According to her, Warriors books are exciting, interesting, and fun to read.  She also claims they are rad.  I guess you could say she's very paw-ssionate about this series.

How Many Warrior Cat Books Are There?

If your goal is to own all the Warriors books, or at least read them, check the list below to learn which meow-gical ones are waiting for you to crack open the pages:

Aww, c'mon, Grumpy Cat!

Warriors:  The Prophecies Begin

  • Into the Wild
  • Fire and Ice
  • Forest and Secrets
  • Rising Storm
  • A Dangerous Path
  • The Darkest Hour

Warriors:  The New Prophecy

  • Midnight
  • Moonrise
  • Dawn
  • Starlight
  • Twilight
  • Sunset

Warriors:  Power of Three

  • The Sight
  • Dark River
  • Outcast
  • Eclipse
  • Long Shadows
  • Sunrise

Warriors: Omen of the Stars

  • The Fourth Apprentice
  • Fading Echoes
  • Night Whispers
  • Sign of the Moon
  • The Forgotten Warrior
  • The Last Hope

Warriors:  Dawn of the Clans

  • The Sun Trail
  • Thunder Rising
  • The First Battle
  • The Blazing Star
  • A Forest Divided
  • Path of Stars

Warriors:  A Vision of Shadows

  • The Apprentice's Quest
  • Thunder and Shadow
  • Shattered Sky
  • Darkest Night
  • River of Fire
  • The Raging Storm

Warriors:  The Broken Code

  • Lost Stars
  • The Silent Thaw
  • Veil of Shadows
  • Darkness Within
  • The Place of No Stars

List of Standalone Warrior Cat Books

  • Firestar's Quest
  • Bluestar's Prophecy
  • SkyClan's Destiny
  • Crookedstar's Promise
  • Yellowfang's Secret
  • Tallstar's Revenge
  • Bramblestar's Storm
  • Moth Flight's Vision
  • Hawkwing's Journey
  • Tigerheart's Shadow
  • Crowfeather's Trial
  • Squirrelflight's Hope
  • Secrets of the Clans
  • Cats of the Clans
  • Code of the Clans
  • Battles of the Clans
  • Enter the Clans
  • The Warrior's Guide
  • The Ultimate Guide
  • The Lost Warrior
  • Warrior's Refuge
  • Warrior's Return
  • The Rise of Scourge
  • Into the Woods
  • Escape from the Forest
  • Return to the Clans
  • Shattered Peace
  • A Clan in Need
  • The Heart of a Warrior
  • The Rescue
  • Beyond the Code
  • After the Flood
  • Hollyleaf's Story
  • Mistystar's Omen
  • Cloudstar's Journey
  • Tigerclaw's Fury
  • Leafpool's Wish
  • Dovewing's Silence
  • Mapleshade's Vengeance
  • Goosefeather's Curse
  • Ravenpaw's Farewell
  • Spottedleaf's Heart
  • Pinestar's Choice
  • Thunderstar's Echo
  • Redtail's Debt
  • Tawnypelt's Clan
  • Shadowstar's Life
  • Pebbleshine's Kits
  • Tree's Roots
  • Mothwing's Secret

Whew!  Erin Hunter shows no signs of slowing down, so watch for future releases.  She might be writing them fur-ever!

Cat owners often say you can't have just one.  Doesn't every town or city have a notorious Cat Lady whose house is brimming over with felines?  When it comes to the Warriors series, you can't read just one.  

Did you know there's a Warriors website where you can keep up-to-date on the latest happenings?  Plus, the website hosts a fun quiz where you can answer questions to learn which clan you belong to.  You can find the quiz here.  

You can watch a video to learn how to draw Warriors manga, too.  

What's Your Warrior Cat Name?

Warrior cats have the most unique names--nothing cutesy like Fluffy, Mittens, or Kitty.  Warrior cat names are often a hybrid of nature, character, or trait.  

From the chart below, match the name by your birth date to the front of the name by your birth month.  Viola!  That's your warrior cat name!

Is your cat name hiss-terical or simply claw-ful?

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If You Love Hallmark's "Evergreen" Trilogy, You'll Love "A Lake House Holiday" By Megan Squires


If you're a Hallmark Christmas movie fanatic, you know all about the small town of Evergreen.  Hallmark has delighted us with stories about this close-knit town.  If Evergreen really existed, many of us would move there!

In A Lake House  Holiday, a similar town exists.  It's the town of Merrylark, aptly named for the goodwill friends and neighbors extend to others.

Jolene Carter

Jolene Carter experienced a tragedy five years prior, and the savings she had dreamed of investing in her own coffee shop venture has been needed to sustain her ever since.

Jolene knows time is running out for her to find a real job before her dwindling savings disappears.  Even though her lake house neighbors pay her to maintain their home for all their renters, it's not sustainable for her long-term.

It seems everyone in town relies on Jolene.  She's a kind-hearted and compassionate woman who can't say no when she's needed.  Whether she's helping her friend in her coffee truck, looking after a cranky old woman's cats, or rescuing the town baker when her oven goes on the fritz, Jolene happily lends a hand without expecting anything in return.

Luke Handley

Luke Handley rents the lake house in Merrylark for a week-long sabbatical.  He's a rancher who is supposed to be enjoying his honeymoon, but since his fiancee broke their engagement, he proceeds with his getaway plans to recalibrate.

Only a short time into his stay, Luke is warmly welcomed by the residents of Merrylark and treated like family.  It turns out, he has a lot to contribute to the town, and like Jolene, he's willing to be of service wherever he's needed.  

Since Jolene oversees his stay at the lake, their paths cross out of necessity,  but they enjoy each other's company, causing their business relationship to take a different turn.     

As perfect strangers in the town suddenly become family, Luke falls in love with Merrylark.  Will he fall for Jolene, too? 


Unannounced, Luke's ex shows up at the lake house, regretting her decision to let him go and hoping to rekindle their romance.

Kiara also gives Luke an envelope that will become the key to pursuing his dreams.


Will a misunderstanding stop Luke and Jolene from being honest about their feelings toward one another?  

When Luke leaves Merrylark to return to his family's ranch, Jolene resigns herself to remaining single and finding fulfillment in helping others.


With the help of the dear folks from Merrylark, Luke devises a creative plan he hopes will give Jolene the desires of her heart and hopefully make her see how much she means to him.  Will his plan work, or is it too late?

Clean Entertainment

If you love romances similar to Hallmark's that are clean and wholesome, then you will appreciate this book.  

The author, Megan Squires, is a Christian, and her faith is woven throughout the novel in very subtle ways.  Squires recognizes the reason for Christmas--Jesus--and the motives of each character's hearts are always pure.  Jolene is the embodiment of grace, and she reflects the heart of a servant.  

"The Golden Rule," or doing unto others as you'd have done unto you, is a thread throughout the whole novel.  We see repeatedly where one good deed leads to another, and the reader is inspired to be the kind of person who could thrive in Merrylark--a place where no one is self-serving.  Generosity, compassion, and kindness glues everyone together.  Imagine living in a place where everyone was FOR and never AGAINST each other. Couldn't we all use a little of that inspiration right now?   

Kiara would normally be the nemesis you'd want to hate, but even her character is like one from Hallmark--the type who chooses to react positively, without device, when things don't go as she plans.

In the novel, Jolene curls up with a Christmas romance movie that she knows always has the same plot and an ending wrapped up with a predictable, nice bow, so this is undoubtedly the author tipping her hat to Hallmark.

More Novels by Megan Squires

Once you read one Megan Squires novel you'll want to read another.  In fact, she has a new book being released October 13, 2020, entitled, Christmas at Yuletide Farm.  

If you you love Megan Squires, check out her other titles: 

Monday, June 8, 2020

Dark Agenda by David Horowitz is a Book All Conservatives Need to Read NOW

Dark Agenda Puts Into Words What We Know

When you witness our culture in chaos, you know the Leftist agenda is to blame, but how did we get to this point?  Does the future hold more of the same, or will things get even worse?

Dark Agenda explores the Left's Marxist ideology and traces their slow and steady implementation of totalitarianism, which requires dismantling Christianity--the principles that shaped the bedrock of our nation.  It's Christianity that affirms our God-given right to freedom of the individual, which the Left cannot tolerate.

This book puts into words what you know in your heart and mind, but may lack the historical knowledge to express verbally.
This book is a vital weapon for your arsenal because it provides you with the facts--something the Left never uses to substantiate their claims.

If I could sum up the entire book, it could be done by quoting the far-left, extremist radical, Saul Alinsky (a mentor of Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama ):

The issue is never the issue.  The issue is always the revolution.

The radical left manufactures "social injustices" to remake America.  

Topics Dark Agenda Explores: 

The New Atheism

We often hear celebrities and progressives ridicule Christians for praying in the midst of national tragedy.  The New Atheism caricatures believers as simpletons, and they believe religion threatens the existence of the human race.

Nevermind that communist atheists slaughtered more than 100 million people in Russia, China, and Indochina.

Much like Satan in the Garden of Eden, New Atheism makes people like gods and creates an earthly redemption.  It's a religion of humanity without God, but these communist principles have been repackaged as "social justice."

Is America a Christian Nation or a Secular Republic?

Our Constitution and Declaration of Independence both reflect justification by faith and the priesthood of all believers.

Our rights are unalienable because they come from God, not the government, which is why Leftists target faith.

The author explains the myth of "separation of church and state," a concept NOT found in the Constitution, yet it's been used against our institutions because liberal court justices who have legislated from the bench have inflated the Establishment Clause and diminished the Free Exercise protection.

Significant Blows to Christianity in America

  • Engel v. Vitale:  This case eliminated school prayer, but its long-term impact was even more significant.  Social studies textbooks were rewritten to exclude faith as the guiding force in our nation.  Prayer and Bible reading had been allowed in school for over 170 years without an issue.  A double standard still exists--schools have gotten away with proselytizing Islam, but not Christianity.

  • Madalyn Murray:  She was known as "the most hated woman in America," an atheist who appealed to a liberal Supreme Court to make a ruling on the separation of church and state, even though their reinterpretation of the Constitution was erroneous.  The book tells her story, painting her as the vile and mentally unhinged woman she was.  She hated her father, with whom she and her two illegitimate sons lived, and the day she told him she hoped he'd drop dead, he actually did!

  • Margaret Sanger & Roe v. Wade:  Sanger was responsible for founding the organization that eventually evolved into Planned Parenthood.  She wanted less "unfit and inferior" people having kids to improve the species, so she advocated for birth control methods, which eventually included rampant abortions.  Roe v. Wade legalized abortion and in 1973, 78% of abortion clinics were placed in black, urban areas to curb the black population.  Abortions were made legal by the Supreme Court's flimsy and manufactured reinterpretation of the 9th and 14th amendments, saying they could be performed due to a woman's "right to privacy"--a concept not included in the Constitution.  "Pro-choice" never was the freedom to choose--it was the freedom from responsibility for one's choices.

  • Stonewall Riots:  The LGBT was birthed from the riots stemming from gays seeking to abolish social institutions, particularly the traditional nuclear family, which they considered oppressive. AIDS was never the "equal opportunity virus" gays claimed.  AIDS, along with the venereal diseases that plagued the gay community, were avoidable.  Gays reveled in their promiscuity and anonymous bathhouse sex acts.  They felt their revolutionary actions were liberating, even though it killed vast numbers of the people they claimed to be helping.

  • Barak Obama:  Obama was the most Biblically hostile president in U.S. history, and this book chronicles his actions to eliminate God from America.  Obama is responsible for galvanizing the anti-God and anti-religious Left. He aligned himself with radicals like Saul Alinsky, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and bomber, William Ayers.  He embarked on a world apology tour with his weak and embarrassing hands-off and lead from behind policies.  His Department of Defense make it an offense for anyone in the military to speak of their faith without the threat of court-martial, imprisonment, or dishonorable discharge.  Obamacare was a dagger to the first amendment since it required employers to cover abortion inducing drugs, contraceptives, and sterilization, even if it went against the employer's religious beliefs.  Obama lied about keeping your doctor to impose socialized healthcare. Obama bypassed democracy and went straight to the Supreme court for a ruling on gay marriage. 

Dark Agenda Explains Identity Politics

Identity politics is a Marxist ideology of oppressor versus the oppressed.  While it used to be applied to create class warfare, the radical Left in America has extended it to include race, gender, and sexual orientation.

Christianity believes in free will.  Individuals make their own choices and are responsible for their actions and the consequences.  We are all equal because we are agents of our own destinies.

Identity politics, championed by "social justice" redeemers, disagree.  They claim inequality exists because people are objects of class, race, gender, etc.  Individual choices disappear.  When groups of people experience different outcomes in life, it's always pinned on the "hate" of an "oppressor," and not on their choices, personal freedom, or individual decisions.  The Left's solution, then, is to suppress the "oppressors."  Identity politics is blind to the opportunities and rights America offers to ALL its citizens.  

Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals

Alinsky was a mentor to Hillary Clinton and Obama.  Alinsky credits Lucifer--that's right, Satan--with being the first radical to get his own kingdom.  That should make your jaw drop.  

In his Rules for Radicals, tenet number 13 is this:

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.  

This is why the Left bands any opposing voice as homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, bigoted, and racist.  Ever the fascist themselves who oppose free speech, they seek to stifle the free speech of their opposition, calling conservatives the fascists.  

It's why Trump supporters have been labeled "deplorables" who are "irredeemable."  This is how the Left "dehumanizes and delegitimizes anyone who disagrees with its leftist agendas."

Racism Important Weapon to the Left

The term People of Color is a racist term coined by the Left to instigate race wars in America.  Although American culture already offers equal rights to all people, the Left uses the term "people of color" to create anti-white racism.  The Left must always pit one group against another to achieve its totalitarian goals, and it requires one group to be oppressed and one group to be the oppressor.  

The truth is, white majorities created the Civil Rights Acts, and blacks in America have more rights, opportunities, and privileges here than in any other country--even in countries ruled by blacks!

Since 81% of evangelicals voted for President Trump, based on his patriotic ideology, the Left, which is anti-American, had to twist Trump's patriotism (and that of his base) into bigotry, white nationalism, and white supremacy--all to divide our country and shake its foundations by fueling more race wars.

The Left Desires Tyranny

Dark Agenda is filled with examples of how groups that represent a minority have been allowed to impose their will on the majority through bypassing the democratic process and appealing, over the decades, to a liberally biased Supreme Court. 

When Ronald Reagan nominated Judge Robert Bork for the Supreme Court, the radical Left smeared Bork until they destroyed him, just as they tried to do to Brett Kavanaugh. The Left always destroys anyone who gets in their way.  

The American Social Contract

Radicals, like Kamala Harris, make comments like, "We need to define what kind of country we will be," when our Constitution already defines our country and has worked for all Americans for over 200 years.

The unspoken American social contract is effective--Americans talk things out together, debate and compromise, and show mutual respect for one another.  Radicals target that social contract by dividing Americans and pitting them against each other.

What's the Solution?

Dark Agenda is an eye-opening book every conservative, America-loving patriot should read.  The only flaw is that a solution for dealing with this siege on our country by the Left isn't clear.

If anything, this book is a call to all conservatives, REGARDLESS OF FAITH (the author is Jewish), to band together and fight for conservative values.  These values are the basis of our democracy and to eliminate them would be to destroy freedom for all of us.

This book is more of a plea to restore political sanity to America by respecting the principles and core values upon which our country was founded.  It's the only way we will escape a tyrannical takeover by the radical Left.

Buy the Book!

Knowledge is power, and this book is a great weapon in helping others understand the political motivation behind all of our societal ills.  Remember, it's never about the issue--it's always about the revolution!

#DarkAgenda #DavidHorowitz #politics #conservative 

Friday, April 10, 2020

Debbie Mason's "Christmas in July" Reads Like a Hallmark Movie!

Add This Book To Your Reading Bucket List

Debbie Mason's Previous Book Inspired This Hallmark Movie

Do you remember the 2018 Hallmark movie, Welcome to Christmas?  It's the one where Madison Finnigan's boss sends her to Christmas, Colorado, to scout a location for a new ski resort.  While she's there, Madison has a fender bender that strands her in the town.  She falls in love with the area, and the sheriff.  Welcome to Christmas is based on Debbie Mason's novel, The Trouble With Christmas.

Image:  Crown Media, United States LLC
In Mason's Christmas in July, you will bump into Madison and Sheriff Gage again, but they are minor characters.  The focus of this novel is on Grace and Jackson Flaherty, and it is book two of Mason's Christmas series, which currently boasts seven volumes.

This series will remind you a little bit of Christmas in Evergreen, but the characters are deeper, the dialogue is better, and the action is spicier.  It's a book with substance.

Christmas In July Plot

Grace Flaherty's husband is a military hero who is missing in action.  He's been gone for well over a year, and Grace has given up hope of ever seeing him again.  Just as she's about to give him a symbolic good-bye from her heart so she can move on with her life, she receives word he's been found, along with the rest of his fellow captives, including a beautiful and buxom brunette. 

There's just one problem--Grace's husband, Jack, doesn't remember her or their young son, and Maria, the sultry reporter whom he'd rescued, isn't letting him go easily.

There's one thing Jack didn't forget--how much he hates the town of Christmas and wants to leave.

In his absence, Grace has built a very successful bakery.  She is passionate about her craft, and the close-knit townsfolk are a huge support network for her and her son.  She is as adamant about living in Christmas as Jack is about leaving it.  Grace wants to put down even stronger roots and eyes a vintage Victorian Home on......Sugar Plum Lane!

As Jack regains his memory, he realizes how much he loves his wife and wants a second chance.  Grace loves her husband with a deep passion, but so many obstacles come against their relationship--Maria, guilt from her sister's death, the demands of the bakery.....

In typical Hallmark fashion, everything culminates in conveniently happy endings all around, but it happens naturally and doesn't come across as shallow, trite, or artificial.  

By the end of this story, you will feel like you live in Christmas, Colorado, and are watching the action first-hand.    

Mason has masterfully developed her characters while juggling multiple story lines and twists that makes this novel an engrossing page-turner without the reader feeling heaviness from the conflicts.  Christmas in July isn't as G-rated as a Hallmark movie, but it remains tasteful and not lewd.  

I Saw This Hallmark Actress As The Heroine

I started reading this romance as I would any other, but from Mason's skillfully articulated description of Grace Flaherty, from her looks to her poise, Nikki DeLoach appeared in my mind.  I didn't try to match a Hallmark actress to the book, but if this book were adapted into a Hallmark movie, DeLoach would be an ideal pick for the lead.

As for Jack Flaherty, try reading the book and see if your imagination matches him to a familiar Hallmark male lead.

Check Out Debbie Mason's Christmas Series 

If you aren't already a fan of Debbie Mason's masterful storytelling, just read one of these books from her Christmas series and you will be hooked.

My Rating

Many romance novels are ultra light and airy, contrived, and too fake to be relatable.  This isn't one of them.  It's one of the few romances I've ever read with real substance.

Christmas in July offers hope that relational distances can be bridged, and that lost love can be found once again.

4/4 Hearts